Our Vision

To shelter children in our community from abuse and neglect 

Our Mission

To envision, develop, implement and support programs to meet child abuse prevention needs in our community.  We do this primarily through three areas of concentration, which are education, justice and safe places.


Shelter the Children will educate the public, as well as the professionals who work with the children and the parents with the goal being to educate them about abuse and neglect problems and how to receive help or to be of help to those who need it.


Shelter the Children will continue to work within the court system to provide justice for abused and neglected children.

Safe Places

Shelter the Children will work to create and support organizations that provide abused children with a safe place to live or to spend time.


When I read about child abuse in newspapers and saw it reported on TV I would weep. Then, I personally witnessed child abuse. That is when I passionately cried out to God, “why doesn’t somebody do something?” He answered, “You are somebody!”

Ricky Lightner, Founder